Our Why

Every non-profit exists to solve a problem. This is the "why" of our organization and it guides everything we do.

The future of our community (and world) depends on creative thinking and innovation.

Throughout history, our ability to think creatively has driven innovation, led to social and economic growth, and improved quality of life. Put simply, creative thinking has moved us forward. It is a core component of the human experience.

Despite its importance, creativity continues to be viewed as something that happens by accident, with few deliberate, focused efforts to increase creative capacity among people and communities.

Our Vision

An organization’s vision describes what will change or be achieved because of its work.

We envision a community where individuals value creativity and actively engage in experiences that strengthen creative thinking.

Our Mission

An organization’s mission describes what they are doing to realize their vision.

We fuse art, science, and technology into adventures that foster creative thinking and innovation among people of diverse ages and abilities.

Our Methodology

An organization's "methodology" outlines the behaviors we value and strive to infuse into our work and the visitor experiences we create.

At Creative Adventure Lab, we:

  1. Foster inquiry

  2. Encourage persistence

  3. Celebrate innovation

  4. Prize teamwork

  5. Respect individuality

  6. Nurture a spirit of adventure