Have an awesome VR viewer? Want to explore? we can help!

Scroll down to check out our VR quick-start guide and view some of our favorite VR applications & experiences.

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VR Quick Start Guide

Download your VR app of choice onto your smartphone, click your phone into your viewer, and start exploring! We recommend downloading the Google Cardboard App (rated E for everyone) or Within (rated T for teen) first, then using that app to find a whole world of possibilities.


Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. Launch your favorite experiences and discover new apps. (Rated E for everyone.)


Within brings together premium, story-based, immersive content in a variety of genres for a unique experience. ( Rated T for teen.)


Check out a few more of our favorite VR apps and experiences!

Spray graffiti in virtual reality with Graffiti Paint VR. Just pick up a spray can or create your own color and start spraying! (Rated E for everyone.)

Create and explore your own world with Mineforge VR, a fun, block-based, world-building, VR game! (Rated E for everyone.)

Pick up your racket and challenge your friends! Ping Pong VR feels like playing a real table tennis match. (Rated E for everyone.)


Choose your trail and adventure in the beautiful fantasy world of Trail World VR! Can you uncover all of its mysteries? (Rated E for everyone.)

VR Diving- Deep Sea Discovery allows you to start your discovery of the otherwise unseen, underwater world! (Rated E for everyone.)

In VR Fantasy, delve into the dungeons of an ancient magical fortress. Solve all the puzzles to reach the exit! (Rated E for everyone 10+.)


VR Maze will have you up and moving! Work your way through mazes of varying difficulty to reach the end goal. (Rated E for everyone.)

Fasten your seatbelt and get behind the wheel during rush hour. VR Racer will bring the sensation of speed to life! (Rated E for everyone.)

VR Solar System is a 360 degree experience! Live and learn as an astronaut as you travel through the solar system. (Rated E for everyone.)


VR Street Jump is a remake of the classic frogger-like street crossing game in first person, 3D virtual reality! (Rated E for everyone.)

Take an immersive tour of the sun and planet systems in the vast, galactic, virtual reality universe of VR Space! (Rated E for everyone.)

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 is the ultimate roller coaster experience! Go for a ride or create your own coaster. (Rated E for everyone.)