At Creative Adventure Lab, we have a vision for change. We’re working toward a community full of creative capacity - where people value creative thinking and actively engage in experiences that strengthen it.  We offer carefully designed experiences that fuse art, science, and technology in ways that nurture creative thinking.  We pride ourselves on being a launchpad where creative thinkers and their ideas make a difference in the community, and in turn, the world.

Creativity can happen everywhere. Regardless of where you are, use these helpful tips and inspiration to get your creativity rolling.



Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. 

Telling stories from his legendary design career and his own life, David Kelly offers ways to build the confidence to create.



Find an idea or need - no matter how big or small.
Start it. Stick with it. See it come together.

Ask questions.
There’s no such thing as a stupid one.  Questions feed thinking, which lead to more ideas and solutions.

Fuse ideas.
What’s stronger than one creative thinker?  A team of them who fuse their ideas together with a common goal in mind.

Who said you have to try just one idea?
Nobody!  Try 50 ideas.  When you’ve gone through those, try 50 more.

Draw a picture.
Draw a pie chart, or maybe just a pie.  Whatever you need to do to spark a thought or take a step towards your goal.

Walk away for a little while.
Leaving something unfinished for a while is a healthy step in the creative process.  Give yourself time to come back to your project with a clear mind - the best ideas and solutions take time.

Remain open-minded, while respecting others’ ideas.
When there is a mutual understanding and respect throughout a team, creative thinking can reach an entirely new level as the fear to share thoughts or ideas simply doesn’t exist.