Classroom & group programming

Creative Adventure Lab’s STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, & Math) programs are a fast, fun, and flexible way to bring engaging activities to your youth group, after school program, or classroom. Choose to schedule a single activity session or mix and match and create a 4, 6, or even an 8-week program to meet your needs.

At a glance

Each activity session is 1.5 hours and can accommodate up to 16 students.
$250 per session, includes instructor and all materials.
Don’t have a classroom? We can host your group!



STEAM Program Menu

Choose from any of the following activity sessions:


LEGO® Challenges
all grades
This activity gives students various LEGO® challenges that relate to key physics principles.


grades 2-5
Students create their own unique printing plates and use them to create colorful oil pastel prints.


String Painting
all grades
Students will use string, paint, and a variety of techniques to create unique patterns.


grades 2-5
Student teams use pre-built robots and program them to complete an obstacle course.


LEGO® Challenges+
grades 2-5
This activity gives students advanced challenges related to physics principles.

VR Expeditions6.JPG

Virtual Reality
grades 2-5
Students go on a guided tour around the world (and through time) all in Virtual Reality!


Case Studies