Admission, Pottery, Bolts&Beams

In an effort to keep improving our guests’ experiences in the Discovery Lab, we’ve recently made a few changes you should be aware of. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or get any guest feedback from the new additions.

Admission -

Due to several complaints about our previous policy of charging everyone admission, we’ve decided to move to a new system where we charge children $10 and allow most adults in for free. Adults (age 16+) do not have to pay admission if they 1) accompany a child* that pays, is a member, or uses a Guest pass -or- 2) does not accompany a child but pays for pottery painting or rock climbing. We don’t want anyone loitering, but we feel this policy will help eliminate that possibility while still allowing adults to accompany playing children or come in on their own and paint pottery without an admission fee keeping them away.

*Several adults can get in for free with a paying child. For example, both grandma and grandpa can get in for free with their grandson, it doesn’t have to be buy-one-get-one.

The new sign by the front desk helps explain this concisely, which should hopefully quickly and easily explain the cost of admission to our guests.

Membership and Party pricing remains the same. When setting up new memberships, we still need at least one adult. If guests question why we still include adults in the memberships even though their admission is free, please let them know at least one adult is needed to be named per membership, and members named in the system still get all the perks and discounts of membership. So, memberships must have one named adult (but could have more, up to five total members) and up to four children included. If there are more than five members, there is still a $25/year charge to add another member to the account, whether they are a child or adult. Adults who are NOT members can accompany children who are members for free without having to be on the membership. This eliminates the problem of grandma bringing kids that have a membership with their parents and being upset about having to pay or use a guest pass. Same for babysitters (age 16+), which happened ofter over the summer. Now there is no need for a babysitter of child members to have a guest pass or pay to bring them in.

If you feel someone is taking advantage of this policy, or is loitering or otherwise causing discomfort or problems for you or other guests, we reserve the right to ask ANYONE to leave at ANYTIME. Obviously, we want this to be a last resort and only used when neccessary.

Pottery -

Along with many new pieces from our new distributor, we also have two new pricing categories - $10 grey dot and $50 yellow dot. These are already in Bookeo.

The “coloring book bisque” items with the black outlines do stay/keep their shape and color in the kiln, and are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe after being dipped in the clear glaze and fired.

Bolts & Beams -

We’ve replaced the black “beams” with the velcro ends with a new toy; straw builders. The straws are flexible and come with a variety of connector pieces, allowing endless combinations. We have a few booklets in back that show some examples of what can be made. Please feel free to play with them in your free time and make some examples. The straw ends also fit into the peg board wall. The connector pieces and wheels should be able to be scooped up easily with the Lego scooper for easy pick-up. We will also be installing more boards and baskets to spread the straw storage out a bit and make it easier to keep the parts sorted. If children have made some things with the straw builders, you can leave them out to “display” at the end of the night and focus on picking up any loose pieces.

I’ve been getting some really great feedback about how welcome and special you all are making our guests feel when they visit! I love to customer service I’m seeing and how warm and welcoming you all are to everyone that walks in the door. We have such a great staff!

Thanks for being awesome!!!

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