Pottery Policies

To try to prevent a pile-up of old pottery pieces on hangers and in the backroom, let’s review pottery policies and communicate them to our guests whenever there is a new item purchased.

  1. One major change: we will no longer hold partially-painted items for an indefinite length of time. If a guest isn’t finished painting their piece, they will get 2 weeks to come back and finish it. I’ll be making up slips to hand the person when they ask to leave an unfinished piece with us that lets them know if they don’t return (and pay admission again) to finish their item within two weeks, it will be fired as-is.

  2. We will only be holding done and fired items for SIX months, tops. Once per month, we will be going through the racks and purging anything older than six months. I have already gone through all of the items on hangers and shelves now and given the people who have old items two weeks to come get them.

  3. As a reminder, please make sure everyone knows it takes us three days to process items and we offer $5 next-day service and $10/box flat rate shipping. If they need to take it home today, we have the tempera paint as a non-food-safe option.

Pottery painting is a guest favorite, and we don’t want to discourage people from buying pieces, but we also don’t want to be sitting on a pile of old pottery for months and months. For the people who already have pieces here waiting to be finished, they will be “grandfathered in” or contacted if we have their information and asked to come finish their pieces.

If you have time during your shift, please check the names of the guests who are currently here and check the racks to see if they have pottery to be picked up or finished painting. Also, make sure we have a phone number or email address for every guest who paints pottery so we can contact them to arrange pick up if they are getting close to the end of their six months.

You all rock! Thanks for being awesome!!