What to Wear to Work

Clearing up some questions about our dress code.

Recently, we’ve heard a few questions about what is and is not included in the dress code. Especially now, in the middle of a heat wave, we want everyone to be able to stay cool, comfortable, and be able to express your personal style while also presenting a consistent and appropriate image for our Discovery Lab guests.


Here is a general guide on what to wear and what not to wear to your Guest Services shift:

1) Come dressed in your Creative Adventure Lab tee shirt. The first one is on us, and if you’d like more shirts, you can purchase them for $10 each. Wearing our branded shirts helps our guests know who to talk to when they have a question or need assistance. In cooler temperatures, you can wear your Creative Adventure Lab hoodie.

2) Jeans, slacks, shorts, and skirts are all okay for bottoms. Please don’t come to work in leggings, sweatpants, or shorts and skirts that don’t pass the “middle school fingertip test” (when you stand up and hang your arms down at your sides, the bottom hem of your shorts or skirt shouldn’t be much shorter than where your fingertips hit). Make sure you are able to move freely and are comfortable helping kids climb, bending over, and reaching in the pants, shorts, or skirt you choose.

3) Shoes should be close-toed for safety. Ceramics can break, and kids can be messy. We want to make sure everyone’s toes stay safe!

4) No hats or sunglasses. Scarves, headbands, jewelry (as long as it doesn’t get in the way), etc. are fine.

Please note, you may see Directors and Program Assistants dressed differently, depending on their schedule for the day. These guidelines are for part-time employees when working Guest Services. If you come in to do a camp, special project, or cleaning only and will not be providing Guest Services, use your best judgement on what is appropriate to wear.

If you have a question about something in the dress code, please see a manager or comment below. Though these are the general rules, management reserves the right to veto anything not covered above that doesn’t meet our expectations for guest experience.

You all always look great, we just want to clear up some confusion over what was expected as far as work-appropriate clothing going forward. For those of you who work other jobs before or after your shift here, you are welcome to keep extra clothing in a locker to change into at the start or end of your shift.

Thanks for being awesome!