Lifetime Memberships

We are raising money to expand our community art programming by selling LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS, but only until the end of April.

Here’s the link to the product page, where customers can learn more about and purchase Lifetime Memberships:

THE BIG THING YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND is that each Lifetime Membership is for one (1) person ONLY. We did it this way to make them as flexible as possible. A family of 5, for example, would need to purchase 5 Lifetime Memberships for everyone to have one.

HOW TO SELL A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (or more than 1): If they are paying by credit card, simply have the customer complete the purchase through our website. If they are paying with cash or check, please have them complete the paper form located at the front desk. The paper form can also be found on the staff portal. The cash or check should be placed with the form in an envelope and placed directly in the deposit box, not in the register.

KNOW THE TERMS & CONDITIONS: Here are the Terms & Conditions for Lifetime Memberships, which you should study and be able to share with customers (they are on the product page as well):

Lifetime Memberships are not transferrable between people. Lifetime Memberships are not refundable. A Lifetime Membership is for one (1) person only. We do not offer a family or group lifetime membership option. Families or groups can purchase one Lifetime Membership for each person they wish to receive benefits. For existing annual members, the Lifetime Membership period will begin when the current annual membership period expires. Specific membership benefits may change over time, as the organization continues to evolve programs and offerings. As a community nonprofit organization, we will always try to provide high quality and meaningful value for all members, including Lifetime Members.

Any question please ask Jordan, Amanda, or Allie!

Jordan DeGree