Messaging Directors

It’s not unusual for people to come in through the Discovery Lab door when they are here to meet Jordan, Eric, or Amanda. Problem is, it’s super complicated to try and explain where their desks are and that they might be there.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 12.54.20 PM.png

We have a solution!

Enter, Google Chat. Log into the email and use the messaging on the left side of the screen to contact any of the full time staff. We’ll be notified of a new message on our computer and if we are away from our desk, we’ll see it on our phone.

*Tip: Keep the staff email tab open so that you can quickly and easily message access it.

Please use this to let us know about visitors/ people that are here to meet us. If people wander in, please give them the business card of the person that seems the most relevant to what they are interested in.

Email: staff
Password: 210jones

In case you don’t know who does what…
Jordan: People interested in leasing space, making monetary donations, becoming sponsors, questions about Mobile Lab
Eric: Co-working, small business events, corporate training services.
Amanda: Jobs, material donations, questions about Discovery Lab, Art Lab, any other general questions/concerns.

Amanda Steines