Giving refunds (+ a note about parties)


This information is good to keep in mind, particularly on the weekends when we see more traffic.


In Bookeo, there is no way to cancel a payment. If, for any reason, you need to give a refund please do the following:

  1. In Bookeo, click on the person’s booking then click “Payments” on the right-hand side.

  2. Click “Record a manual payment” and choose the original method the person used to pay.

  3. Enter a negative payment amount. (Ex. If I needed to refund someone $20, I would enter -$20 into the payment amount. )

  4. In the “Reason” section, write: Refund.

  5. Click “Save.”

  6. If they paid with cash, give them their cash back. If they paid with a card, in the Square app on the iPad, click on the number in the lower left corner. Then click on “Activity.”

  7. Click on their payment to be refunded. (Make sure it’s the right one! To double check, look at the time the payment was originally made in Bookeo.)

  8. Confirm with the customer that you are going to issue a refund to their card ending in ****. Click on “Issue refund.”

  9. If you need to issue a partial refund, I would refund the whole original payment and then accept the new payment. (Ex. If the original payment was $50 and I needed to refund $20, I would refund the $50 and then charge a new payment for $30.)


We have had some confusion lately about party times and parties showing up at the wrong time. I have a canned email response set to go out on Tuesday to every party for the following weekend. In it, I have listed the date and time of the party, how many guests are expected, and that everyone who is a non-member will have to pay $6.

When people book parties themselves online, they should get a confirmation email from Bookeo. When you record parties bookings over the phone, please make sure that you record the person’s email and DO NOT uncheck the box that sends the email to a customer. Those emails prevent phone calls later wanting to confirm the party date and time. (Also, be sure to get the party deposit of the room fee before you finish the booking!)

If there is confusion about a party time or payment, please request that the person show you their email, either from me or the one from Bookeo. If they arrive at a different time than the one listed, they are allowed to stay as long as we have space for them but will need to pay a new room deposit. If there is not space for them, they will have to find an additional time to book.

When people arrive for parties, let them know what the cost will be upfront and ask if they would prefer to pay that amount at the beginning of the party or at the end. That way, there are no surprises when the party is over.

Just stick to what you know in these situations. Be professional, confident and kind. Use Bookeo, their confirmation emails, and our calendar to try to figure out the issue as quickly as you can. Always ask if you have questions or doubts.

If you have questions about any of this, please let me know.



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