Unhappy guests :( ... and ways to improve future experiences

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Recently, we have had a couple of guests that have had negative experiences in the Discovery Lab. While there is a lot we’re doing right as a staff, I think we can all learn and grow from their feedback and help to hold each other accountable, too.

 1.)  A woman hosting a birthday party on Saturday, February 2nd wrote an email with a negative birthday party review. In it, she expressed that she wished our staff had walked her over to the party room when she arrived with her hands full, rather than just pointing to where she should go. This is common hospitality to our guests. Please, especially if someone is a party host, walk them over to the room, unhook the rope, introduce yourself, and let them know where they can find you or another staff member if they have questions. If you have time, and they are unfamiliar with the space or what’s included, it would also be nice to give them a brief tour.


2.)  Another way we can show hospitality to our guests is by offering to help if their hands are full. When guests come to the outer door with their hands full, whether carrying something, pushing a stroller, etc. and you see them struggling, it would be courteous, and a good display of Creative Adventure Lab kindness, to offer to hold the door, help them carry something, etc. Little gestures like this can go a long way in making guests feel valued.


3.)  When people call or stop in to sign up for classes or camps, PLEASE make sure you are signing them up correctly. We have had many calls lately from people who have paid but were not actually ever signed up in Bookeo for anything. To ensure that this does not keep happening, please take their payment through their credit card in Bookeo, instead of Square. That way, they can’t pay without actually being signed up. To take a credit card payment, and to sign people up for classes/courses in Bookeo, please do the following:

  1. Click on “Calendar.”

  2. Click on the course/class they want to be in.

    1. To do that, click on “All group classes” on the left and then the date of the first course (if it’s multiple weeks) or the date of the one day course. Please make sure the date and course are correct!

  3. Once on the course page, click “New.”

  4. Fill out the customer information including how many participants from their household will be taking the course, their name, email, phone, address, the participant’s name (if more/different from the person registering).

  5. To take their payment, click on “capture credit card details” NOT “record a manual payment.” Take all of their credit card information (credit card number, expiration date, and code on the back) over the phone then click “Save.”

  6. Then, click on the booking once more and go to the payment screen. Now click “charge credit card” not “record a manual payment.”

  7. Type in the amount they want to pay (just the deposit or whole amount). Confirm the last couple of digits of their card with them, let them know that they should be receiving a confirmation email, and then click “Save.”

  8. It’s always a good idea to click on the booking one more time and double, triple check it’s there.

****Basically, if you need to use the iPad/Square to sign someone up for a course/class, you are taking the payment incorrectly. Please ask if you are unsure of what to do!

4.)  If a birthday party, school group, camper, or other participant does not show up to the event they have paid a deposit for, please call them 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the event. They may just be running late, but perhaps (and this happened recently) they thought the event was a different day. If we call and let them know that we were expecting them at a certain time and they didn’t show up, we will keep their deposit. If we don’t call or alert them to the fact that we were expecting them, then their deposit will be refunded to them (a loss for us). Remember, everyone who registers in advance for anything must pay a deposit. If you haven’t taken a deposit from them by the end of making the booking, you have done it incorrectly.


In all of these situations, it helps to put yourself in the shoes of our guests and think about the type of experience you would like to have if you were here to visit. Thanks for all you to do make Creative Adventure Lab a fun place to be. Let’s keep it up, and keep improving, so we can offer great experiences to everyone!

Allie Grainger8 Comments