Meeting Follow-Up - Staff Policies

Updated Cellphone and Personal Projects Policies

As we discussed with Jordan in our recent staff meeting, when you are on the clock you should be regularly asking yourself, “Is what I’m doing right now helping to create high-quality customer experiences?”.

To make sure that the answer is, “YES!”, as often as possible, the cell phone and personal projects policies have been updated for part-time staff. Please review the following policies and comment below so management knows you have read this post.


Cellphone Use for Part-time Staff:

1) In an effort to help our guests feel more welcome and attended to, personal electronics (including, but not limited to cellphones, tablets, and laptops) should be kept in the backroom in a locker while you are clocked in (unless you have permission from the manager on duty, such as during opening/closing cleaning, or special projects outside of business hours).

2) Cellphones should always be on silent or vibrate while you are working. No audible ringing, playing music or videos aloud, making or taking video or speaker calls, or anything else that makes noise our customers could hear.

3) During operating hours (11-6 weekdays and 10-4 weekends), no headphones or earbuds are allowed. If you want to listen to your own music before or after opening or closing, while cleaning, that’s fine as long as there are no guests present.

4) Checking your phone or making personal calls should be done during break times, either in the back room or outside of the building. *Please remember, breaks should only be taken if the desk is covered, no guests need assistance, and you have checked with a manager first.*

If you must take or make a personal call while at work, please keep your correspondence brief and professional.


Personal Projects Policy:

1) We encourage our employees to pursue their own creative projects outside of work hours. While clocked in, employees are expected to be focused on Creative Adventure Lab tasks. Employees are welcome to use the facility for their own projects in terms of space and non-consumable products when off the clock. Consumable products (i.e. paint, clay, firing, art supplies, etc.) are not to be used unless purchased through CAL, or if employees are taking a class.

2) If you are asked to paint an item to be used as an example piece, or if you are making a technique tile, those are the only times you should be painting pottery while you are clocked in. The same goes for other crafts that use CAL materials and time.

3) Immediate guest needs, daily cleaning tasks, lab maintenance, and pottery processing should all be completed before engaging in a creative project that benefits Creative Adventure Lab (i.e. creating minifigure vignettes, crafting for the art supply wall, making timelapse videos, etc.)


If you have any questions about the above policies, please direct them to Lacey.

I have confidence in everyone’s ability to use their time at work to benefit Creative Adventure Lab and our guests. If someone needs to reach you while you are at work, please give them the business phone number. Keep in mind, managers may have their cell phones and laptops on them at work, as they work longer shifts and may need to use their personal electronics to do their job. The above policies apply to part-time employees only.

We have a great workplace with an amazing team, let’s keep up the good work and make it even better!

Thanks for being awesome!!

Lacey TsacudakisComment