How Cancellations Work

Wether it’s a party, class, or camp, bookings that require advanced sign-up also require a deposit. This deposit is usually 20%. The breakdown is below, but you are not expected to remember the deposits.

These deposits are non-refundable.

There are 2 reasons for this non-refundable deposit.

  1. This guarantees a spot for the customer without them having to make the full financial commitment at the time of signing up.

  2. This non-refundable deposit splits the financial loss of a no-show with the customer and us.

    1. Example: Let’s say Susie signs up for a pottery workshop that cost $65. It’s a popular class that fill up. But on the day of the workshop Susie is sick and can’t make it. We could have sold that spot to someone else and brought in another $65, but Susie’s last minute no-show prevented that. Her deposit of $13, although small, lessens the loss. Having paid a deposit also keeps people from no-showing, since they know they’ve already partially paid for the class.

Customers have to check a box that says they understand there is no refund when they book a class. We will refund everything but the deposit.

Parties - the cost of the room ($15 or $35)
Adult and youth classes - 20%
*Youth art classes require the full amount of $25 at booking
Camps - 20%

Also! Please leave a comment if you have questions!

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