Shift Switches. (Say That Five Times Fast.)

Thanks to all who have been using the group text to switch shifts and to respond to others requests. I know this may not the most convenient way, but you all have been wonderful about communicating with each other when the need arises. Awesome! 

I'm adding one more step to the shift switching process to continue to keep communication clear. First, if you are looking for someone to cover your shift, text your request to the group text, as you have already been doing. Once someone has confirmed to you that they will take your shift or switch you shifts, please fill out the Google form below. This will be the official way that you request, to the program director in the area you are working in, that you would like to change your schedule. 

One of two things will happen after you submit the form:

1.) After the program director gets your request, and if the request is approved, you will get an email from T-Sheets notifying you of a change in your schedule. This means you have been approved!!!

2.) You will get an email from a program director (Rachel, Allie, Eric or Amanda) about why the change cannot be granted. If this is the case, you will still be expected to work the shift. 

The bottom line: your request is not approved until you've filled out the Google Form and the change is made in T-Sheets. This will take effect starting Monday, September 10th. All changes after that will need to go through the Google Form. 

Any questions, just ask. Be sure to comment below so we know you've gotten this info!

Thanks, Allie

The link to the Google Form can be found here:

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