Schedules, Availability and Time Off... Oh My!

Who has the best part-time staff? We do! 

I'm so glad YOU are a part of the Creative Adventure Lab team! 

In order to improve the work we do together as a team, the program directors are making a couple of changes to the scheduling process. 

  1. We are changing how far out we schedule. We will no longer make the schedule on the 20th for the following month. We are now going to schedule two weeks at a time, so you will only know your schedule for a minimum of two weeks in advance. (Sometimes more like three weeks... see number 2.)

  2. The program directors meet every Thursday morning to work on the schedule. It should be published by the end of the day on Thursday. When we meet, we will schedule the third week out (the week beyond what your schedule already shows).

  3. If you have time off/vacation requests, they need to be submitted by Wednesday at noon for the week beyond what you have a schedule for... or anytime after that. (*see below)

  4. Once your shifts are scheduled and appear in T-Sheets, if you need to switch shifts, it will be your responsibility to find someone to work for you, submit the Google Form (see previous blog post) and have the switch approved.

  5. Speaking of scheduling shifts, now that the school year has changed and everyone's availability might have, too, please update your availability in this document: 5HMGrkrnm6BGNgwHUfwg6OZwnDu7jVRX5Xf-OfI/edit?usp=sharing

Why are all of these changes being made, you ask? Good question! As a growing small business, we are striving to better accommodate the needs of our guests which include serving them both during our business hours (such as working guest services and hosting field trips and parties) and beyond our business hours (for private parties, community events, art classes, camps, etc.) We also want to be conscious of the needs of our part-time staff, too. This is the best compromise we could come up with. Thanks for being understanding about the ever-changing needs of our organization. 

Be sure to comment below and let me know if you have questions. 

You rock!

*For example, let's look at the September calendar. The program directors will meet on September 13th to make the schedule for Saturday, September 29th- Friday, October 5th. Time off requests must be made by Wednesday, September 12th at noon on T-Sheets. 

Allie GraingerComment