T-Sheets Launch

We're officially making the switch to a new software for scheduling and tracking timecards! Here are a few things you'll need to know! 

Getting Logged in

  1. Download the app
  2. Accept the invite! If you need Amanda to resend it, just let her know. 
  3. The company name is creativeadventurelab. 
  4. Set up a user name (anything you want, only you will use/see it) 

Clocking In/Out

  1. You can clock in/out on the computers at the front desk using the bookmarked page. You will be prompted to make a 4 digit passcode that you will use to clock in/out from then on. 
  2. You can still clock in/out on your phones using the T-sheets app. (It will require you to share you location). 
  3. We will officially start using T-sheets to clock in/out starting Saturday 18th. 

The Schedule

  1. The schedule will be available in Homebase until the end of August, but is also now in T-sheets. 
  2. Please take note of the class you shift is under. It will be Adventure Lab, Studio Art Lab or Traveling Lab depending on the shift. 
  3. The schedule will now be made by Allie the Adventure Lab director for all guest service shifts and Rachel the Studio Art Lab Director for all classes, camps, and off site events. 
  4. Allie & Rachel will have the schedules done for the following month by the 20th. 

Requesting time off and trading shifts

  1. New Rule: all time requested off needs to be submitted by the 15th for the following month. 
  2. If you can't work a shift, please reference the staff contact page to reach out to your co-workers via phone or email. Once someone has agreed to take your shift, please let either Allie or Rachel know ASAP so they can update the schedule. 
  3. Please re-submit your requested days off in T-sheets. We will be deleting our Homebase account and will lose all of that information. 
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