Meet the newest members of our staff!

We are expecting to be very busy this summer so we have expanded our staff. They have started this week, or will be starting soon. 

This is our newest staff members! 

David - He's been around for about a month now, so you may have met him. He's a student a junior at Loras and is friends with Ruth. He is from the greater Chicago area and sports a glorious beard. 

Court - She just finished her first year at Iowa where she is studying journalism and mass communication and disability studies. She is from Dubuque and will be spending the summer hanging out with us and working at the Olive Garden. (And doing other cool stuff I'm sure.)

Jack D - Jack is going to be a senior at Galena High School and has skillz in digital media and even has his own YouTube channel. Jack will also be helping Danielle as our first ever Social Media Intern. 

(get ready to get confused)

Jack E - This Jack is going to be a sophomore at Iowa and is majoring in biochemistry and business. He is loves acting in local plays and has even appeared in a commercial. He can also teach you how to play the guitar!