Pottery Reminders

Pottery mistakes that is.. 

Here are a few mistakes that have been popping up that are easy to fix! 

Over Glazing


Too much clear glaze will leave pottery with a hazy appearance. This can happen by:

  • dipping pottery too slowly

  • not shaking enough of the excess glaze off

  • not finger sanding the overlapping layers

Remember, at this point, the pottery is still porous. So the longer it is in the clear glaze the more glaze it will absorb. Just a quick dip to cover the pottery is all you need. 

Once your done dipping, shake (carefully but with some muscle) until there are basically no more drops coming off of the pottery. 

When the pottery is dry, run the overlapping layer to thin it down. (but not too much!) 




Pottery Fusing to Shelves/Stilts 

It's VERY important that pottery is either
    1) wiped 100% clean on the bottom or
    2) stilted.
What guests are "painting" on their pottery is not paint, but glaze. All glaze will liquify in the kiln and then fuse to whatever surface it is touching. So, failing to clean off the glaze or stilt will result in breaking and ruining the pottery. 

Also, see photo below for how not to use stilts. 


Missing accessories  

Lastly, don't forget to add things like bank plugs, ornament tops, travel mug lids, etc. to pottery! If you're not sure what something is, or if it has an accessories, just ask!