Membership Renewals

It's been ONE YEAR since opening in our current location! Along with that, many of our memberships are due to expire. 

Membership Early Renewal Perks

When members renew their membership BEFORE it is due to expire they will 

  • get 5 EXTRA free admission tickets on top of their usual (so family memberships will get 9 in total, grandparent 29, etcetera, etcetera)
  • and keep their original membership date so the will not lose any time as a member

How to renew memberships

  1. Go to Customers in Bookeo, find the member, scroll down to the bottom and change the date of their membership to 2019. 
  2. Go back home, create a new booking Membership Renewal using the members saved contact info.
  3. Give the member their admission tickets (5+ the regular amount someone gets with a new membership). 

What happens if members forget to renew?

You'll know a membership expired when Bookeo charges the member for admission. When you see this say, 
              "It looks like your membership may have expired. Let me check that for you."
Go to Customers, search customer, and check the date of their membership. If it is expired, ask if they want to renew and go through the steps above (except for the 5 extra admission tickets, because they are not renewing early).

Please leave a comment, so we know you are on the same page. :)