The Iowa Children's Museum Partnership


This is BIG people! 

What: Free admission at CAL
Who: The Iowa Children's Museum Members
When: June 1st - August 31st
Why: Because why not?
How: ICM Members will show you their valid member cards when they check in. Collect their name and info like normal and mark their admission as "free admission". 
*ICM membership cards will only include the adult's names. Their memberships include the children living with the adults on the membership or any grandkids of the grandparents. to sum it up, it's kind of the honor system in regards to the children on the memberships. So we are treating the ICM memberships the same way.  

What about our members?

They get free admission too! BUT! They need to prove that they are members at CAL. 

This is how they do that:
- All members received an email on June 14th providing them with this link . 
- Members need to go to that link, and click "Get Email Verification". They will receive a membership verification email in 1-2 business days.
- Members can then show that email to the ICM staff when they visit!