Weekend Update: Climbing Lab Changes

Notice anything different? 

We're always looking to improve and we decided to make a few changes to the climbing wall. Here is what they are! 

  1. Levels! This gives climbers something to work towards at a variety of skill levels and at different spots around the wall. 
  2. No more bell. We're hoping that with no bell people will be less interested in stopping on the platform. This is were people typically spend the most amount of time (doing nothing) and taking time away from other who want to climb. 
  3. Less practice climbs. This tends to be a grey area where people think that every climb comes with a free climb. Instead, determine if they are 1) ready(and able) to climb higher than the green line and 2) apprehensive about trusting the belay. 
Climbing Lab - Danielle and walker out of focus.JPG

You: "Have you climbed to the green line without the harness?"
Climber: "No"
You: "Try that before we climb with the harness." 

Climber: "Yes, I can get to the green line"
You: "Awesome! How do you feel about using the belay? Nervous?" 

Climber: "No"
You: "Great! Let's get started!" (skip the practice climb)

Climber: "Yes"
You: "Ok, let's do a practice climb."