We want YOUR opinion!

Thanks to Danielle's awesome marketing skills, we raised over $1,200 last week during Great Give Day!  

But now we need to decide what to spend that money on, and we are leaving it up to the part-time staff! 

We came up with some specific purchases/projects that fall within the budget of $1,200. Pick your favorite, and email it to Amanda at amanda@creativeadventurelab.org. We'll announce the winning project next Friday!

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.47.12 PM.png

Option 1: Toddler Lab Additions

We'll purchase two products we are excited about to add to the (kinda empty) Toddler Lab. They are these awesome buildable couches and these little building blocks, and possibly other awesome toddler-friendly activities. The goal of this project: Improve the toddler lab in the number of activities available and seating space that is fun, flexible, and safe to climb on.   

Pool noodle ceiling sculpture example.jpg

Option 2: Ceiling (sound reducing) Sculpture

Picture this.... pool noodles in blue, green, pink and orange spaced evenly across the ceiling, cut to different lengths to create a "wave" effect and creating the illusion of the noodles going up through the ceiling. Overall, they would hang in an organic shape that starts from the design lab using blue and green and makes it's way back towards the construction lab and switches to pinks and oranges. The goals of this project: To create a fun design aspect that helps to tie the space together while reducing noise levels. 


Option 3: Three More Stained Glass Grinders

Our Stained Glass classes are on fire! But with 8 students and only 5 grinders, classes get a little crowded. With more capability, we can host more students and workshops and do awesome projects (like these cute little terrariums)!  The goal of this project: Add more capacity to our Stained Glass classes and provide a better experience for our students. 

Climbing Lab - Long exposure.JPG

Option 4: Climbing Lab Bench With Storage Space

How do we keep kids from climbing the railings? What's the best way to store our climbing gear? Enter: climbing lab bench with lockable storage. The goals of this project: A narrow bench that provides lots of space will give observers a place to sit and (hopefully) discourage kids from sitting on top of the railing.