Help needed! + Opportunity for some extra $$$


What: Mobile Play Lab

When: May 14th - May 15th 8:30am-1:30pm

Where: Warren Illinois 

Why you should work it: Obviously it's extra hours, but CAL will reimburse you for mileage! (that's 54.5 cents per mile.) 

More Details: We need 1 person to work this event each day. The same person does not have to work both days. Working the Mobile Play Lab involves getting to the location about 30 minutes before the event. Unlocking and opening the Mobile Play Lab and setting up the activities. All Employees will be trained on this in early May. 

Homebase screen shot.jpeg

If you want to work it go to Homebase > Schedule > Open (Mia has already claimed the first day). 

When you are done working the Mobile Play Lab in Warren, you can fill out this form. It can also be found on the Staff Page under File and Resources. 

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