Sunday, April 29th = Free Admission Day!

Julian Dubuque International Film Festival is coming to Creative Adventure Lab

This Sunday we will be hosting the JDIFF Kid's Day. There will be kids movies, and workshops being held by the Film Festival. We will also be offering FREE ADMISSION to everyone that day! (So what exactly does that mean? Only the cost of admission will be waved. Adventure Upgrades will be the same as usual. )


But the awesomeness doesn't stop there!

Anyone that purchases an annual membership that day will get to choose 1 of 2 thank you gifts. 

  • Gift Option 1: 6 extra Free Admission tickets (that's 10 in total) 
  • Gift Option 2: a $25 credit on their account to be used towards any CAL purchase or booking. 

To Sum it up....

No need to check people in. Just give them a friendly hello and provide them with a Visitor Guide if they want one. (And if we have them by then). 

We may also be pretty busy, so be sure to make frequent sweeps of the labs to keep them clean and tidy. 

If it's their is a line of people wanting to become members, give them this form to fill out. When they are done, ring them up like normal and we'll impute their info the next day. 

Amanda Steines3 Comments