Weekend Update... Post winter thaw.

Rushed Pottery.. Can people buy special favors from us? 


Yes! We are making the option to "rush" pottery official. 

  1. Guest can pay an extra $5 per rushed piece to put their pottery at the front of the line. Use the "additional items/adjustments to record and charge them. 
  2. Label their invoice as RUSHED POTTERY and highlight it. 
  3. After labeling their finished pottery place the pottery on a rushed sign on the usual pottery shelf. 
  4. After glazing rushed pieces, put them back on the rushed sign so you don't lose track of them.
  5. Place them in the kiln and fire that same day (obviously) 

*Be cautious about where you place the rushed pottery in the kiln to avoid damages. Be generous with space and do not place them next to items that have a reputation for falling over. Example: keep them away from butterfly mugs.  If it is something unstable, take extra care to properly stilt it or clean off the bottom. 

Other new things you might want to know about... 

Did you know that we have adult only climbing available? 

  • This is only for ADULT members.
  • They will NOT have staff assistance. 
  • Only available during Studio Access hours (Wed. - Fri 6-8 and Saturday 4-8)
  • Can bring adult beverages but need to take empties with them or throw away in Studio Art Lab. 

If you are working studio access, check these members in like normal.