Reach & Rise Volunteers

The YMCA has a volunteer mentoring program called Reach & Rise and they want their volunteers to bring their mentees to CAL for free! 

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Ok, how do I check them in? 

They will let you know that they are from Reach & Rise. In Bookeo, type Reach and Rise into the last name section. Select that customer. The cost will be deducted from their gift voucher. 

Can they use the applied gift voucher for Adventure Upgrades? 

No. Well.....they are not supposed to. The YMCA has told them it is only for admission. Unfortunately, Bookeo will automatically use the gift voucher for any Adventure Upgrades. 

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What if they want to buy Adventure Upgrades out of their own pocket?

That's ok! But you will have to check them in under their own name. To avoid Bookeo charging them for admission again, select Item Sale in the Booking Tab.  


DO NOT select Free Admission when checking in the Reach & Rise volunteers. The YMCA purchased a very large gift voucher to cover the cost of admission. Select Adults and Children  like normal so that voucher can be applied. 

Amanda Steines7 Comments