Heyyooo! Another Weekend Update!

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Happy Day Light Savings weekend! Summer is so close you can almost taste it! 

Speaking of summer.

YES! We are hiring!

2 more people, in fact, so if you know someone that you think would be a great fit send them our way! 

     Job Description:

  • Seasonal position running from June-August
  • Shifts will be 11-3 or 12-4 Monday- Friday
  • Task include working the climbing wall, resetting laboratories, assisting with packaging pottery

How to Apply

Applicants can send their resume to Amanda via her email. amanda@creativeadventurelab.org. You can also give Amanda's business card to those that are interested in applying.  They are behind the front desk computer. 

Other things you need to know....

Studio Access is officially launched! 

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What is it?

According to our website "Our studio access program allows adults to use our equipment and studio space to create their own artwork, on their own schedule. This is a great option for students who have taken studio classes before, know their way around studio equipment, and are looking for a fun, creative community in which to continue to practice and explore. "

Come again? 

We will be allowing people (mostly former students who have taken our classes) to sign up for monthly access to our Studio Art Lab. They will benefit from extended hours, access to non-consumable materials and equipment and will have the ability purchase extra supplies from us. We will also host community events and workshops for Studio Access members. 

So what do I tell guest?

In person, you can give them the handout in the Guest Service binder along with an application. Online they can visit advntr.org/studioaccess for more information. 

Can employees get in on the fun? 

Of course! But within reason. Feel free to sit in on workshops or come to events, but please don't attempt to use equipment you have no experience or training in. This is also a program that is for paying participants and employees only. So please don't bring friends or allow them to use equipment unless they have signed up for Studio Access. 

Amanda Steines