Weekend Update

Happy Easter Everyone! Here are a few reminders that will help make everything go smoothly.... 


Climbing Wall

Common scenario: You've got a line of kids who are members and/or have unlimited climbing. One kid approaches you to climb who is wearing a black sticker and does not have a ticket/ bracelet. What do you do? It's tough to turn kids away so here's is what you can say....

Mia climbing wall.JPG

"Do you have a ticket? No. You need a ticket or climbing pass to use the harness. Do you want to ask your parents if they can buy you one? Then bring your ticket back to me and I'll help you climb."

The same goes for parents who are trained to belay. Please remind them that if they are going to belay for other kids to make sure that those kids have a green sticker, climbing ticket, or a colored paper bracelet. 

It's always good to remind people that climbing does not require a harness as long as they stay beneath the green line. 


Design Lab - 2 robots.JPG


Everyone that has packaged pottery knows that it is very frustrating to not have an invoice label on the bottom of a piece of pottery. 

  1. Don't forget to label EACH piece. This includes lids. It can be difficult to match the correct turtle shells and cupcake tops without the matching invoice label. 
  2. Write the label in an area that will not be sponged off during the clear coating process. 
  3. Lastly, be aware of labels when dipping and avoid accidentally wiping them off. 

All of these are super easy and will make life for the person bagging much easier. 


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