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Every Friday there will be a new post that will highlight what you need know to make this the best weekend yet! 

Here is what you need to know this weekend. 

Team Building. What is it, and why is every mom wanting it?


Parties now come with the option for guided Team Building. Kelsie has developed activities for different age groups that can be used by the party host (for free) or lead by our staff (that's you!) Here is how it is described out our website....

"If you want our fun, engaging staff to guide your group through challenges, check the box below. Guided team building takes around 30 minutes and includes 3 engaging activities."

This should be fun, and easy. Like a 30 minute camp. When a party has selected this option, it is best to do the activities at the beginning of the party. Otherwise, it is difficult to corral the kids. You can spend about 10 minutes on each activity. 

Check out the different Team Building activities. 


Camps are open for booking! 

Moms and dads have been eagerly waiting for camp to go live and that day is finally here! Below is a table for you to reference the types of camps, cost, instructors and more. Guest can find camps at or selecting youth programs in the menu

Amanda Steines