Deposits: More than counting money!


Hello, World!

As we continue to increase traffic and programming, part-time staff may need to close up shop alone. One major responsibility is counting the drawer in the morning and at night. 

So here's how to do it... CORRECTLY! 


  1. Count the drawer. There should be $300 in it.
  2. In the Guest Service Binder fill out the opening count column and initial. 


  1. Run payment report in Bookeo
    1. Go to Marketing > Reports > Payments. Select today's date and click "Go".
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Download as XLS". 
    3. Open the spreadsheet and DELETE the following columns
      1. First Name
      2. Email
      3. Currency
      4. Description
      5. Transaction
      6. Reason
      7. Comment
    4. SORT the Payment Method column by right-clicking on the column and selecting "Sort by Ascending". 
    5. PRINT!
  2. Now you can count the drawer! Record your total amount of cash in the Guest Service Binder. 
  3. Remove the difference between the total amount currently in the drawer and $300. That's difference is the deposit. Record that amount in the Guest Service Binder. 
  4. Write these three things on payment report you printed off
    1. Date
    2. The amount that is in the deposit
    3. Your initials 
  5. Put the report and the deposit in an envelope (do not write anything on the envelope) and put it in the red box. 
Amanda Steines