End-of-the-year updates!

First, happy holidays! I hope each of you were able to celebrate the holidays with family and friends!

I wanted to remind you of a few odds-and-ends as we transition into 2019:

1.) New t-shirts and hoodies are here! Help yourself to one t-shirt and one hoodie (in boxes, labeled by size). If you would like a second t-shirt, the cost is $10. If you would like a second hoodie, the cost is $35. To make a payment, enter your purchase as an “item sale” into Bookeo and record the payment that way.

2.) With all of the scheduling changes due to J-term/ spring semester, your schedule may be a bit different. Be sure to check the T-sheets app weekly to verify the hours you are scheduled. Your schedule may switch up quite a bit starting January 28th.

3.) We are missing the key to the building/furnace room. :( It was on a green key chain on the key rack by the welcome desk. Please check your pockets, bags, etc. to see if you have it at home. Also, if you have time, please look around here. It may be here but just misplaced. We need it back ASAP!

4.) I will be away from work from January 5th-January 25th. I will return the 26th. Shout out to Mia, McKenna and Amanda for filling in for me while I am away. Please contact Amanda (amanda@creativeadventurelab.org or 563-542-6151) about concerns or questions while I am away.

2019 looks to be a really exciting year! Lots of new things are on the horizon in all four lab areas. We would not be where we were in 2018, nor able to get where we’re going in 2019, without you. Thanks for all the ways in which you have contributed to our collective successes. 2019 looks bright!

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