Pottery Tips & Tricks

Hello Everyone! With the holidays right around the corner, we will be seeing an increase in pottery. Here are a few things that will help you process pottery efficiently and ensure that our guest are happy with their projects.

Quick fixes with the Dremel tool

Sometimes our fingers slip and we mess up carefully painted pottery. Instead of repainting the item, you can use the Dremel tool to gently file down the messed up area and then apply more glaze where needed.

A few things to note:
1. The Dremel tool is in the right locker by the sliding door.
2. WEAR GLASSES! It’s filing down very tiny bits of what is essentially glass. You don’t want that stuff in your eyes. You can find safety goggles in the Art Lab with the stained glass stuff.
3. Lastly, go slow when using the tool to avoid taking a huge gouge out of the pottery.

Labeling and stilting ornaments

Ornaments are tricky. They’re tiny and usually painted on all sides.


For FLAT ornaments, labeling them on the very bottom is usually the best spot. (see right photo below) Other wise you risk putting what looks like random letters and numbers right in the middle of their artwork. (see photo on the left). For BULB ornaments, the best spot to label them is the very top where the gold cap goes. That way we can see it, but guest wont even notice it’s there.


Avoid stilting ornaments on their decorated side, or at the very least, stilt them on the side that the guest treated as the back. This can be tough when glazing. Make it a habit to always lay ornaments down decorated side up. That way when you add them to the kiln, you know what side to stilt. The star below was blank on the opposite side, yet stilted on the decorate side, leaving three visible puckers.

Pottery options for our of town guest

When guest want to paint pottery, but live out of town, be sure to let them know about these options.

  1. We can ship their pottery for $10. (as long as it fits in a 12x12x12 box)

  2. We can rush their pottery for $5 per piece, and they can get it the next day at noon.

  3. Or they can use tempra paint and take it home with them that day. It WONT be food safe, but it’s fine for ornaments, figurines, and banks. Be sure to remind people of that when offering this as an option.

Amanda Steines2 Comments