The Adventure Lab has a new name! Introducing…


Why the change? We felt a more unique name was needed in order to distinguish between the organization as a whole (Creative Adventure Lab) and the programs within it (Discovery Lab, Innovation Lab, Art Lab, Traveling Lab).

In addition to the new name, we will also have a new website ( launching Friday, November 2!) and numerous other changes coming our way. For now, just remember to clock into the Discovery Lab class on T-sheets and we will cover everything else at our meeting in November. Speaking of…

We have a Discovery Lab/guest services orientation and training on Sunday, November 11th from 4-6pm. You will clock-in and be paid for this time. This is an opportunity for you to meet our new staff, hear about all of the new changes, look ahead to 2019, and much more.

Comment below with thoughts or questions. Thanks for your flexibility and continued dedication to Creative Adventure Lab!

Allie Grainger2 Comments