Birthday Club - What is it, and why does it matter?

The Birthday Club is an awesome opportunity for kids to get free admission not once, but TWICE! When their parents sign them up online, we mail them a postcard with a free admission ticket that they can use at any time, with a paid admission.

Then, that child can come back on their birthday and get free admission AGAIN! 

How do we know a child is in the Birthday Club?

Just check the "Birthday Club" booking for that day. 

When you open that bookng, you will see the children who have birthdays/free admission today. 

When that person comes, you can check them in by clicking on the box to the left of their name. Then select "customer arrived". 

What if they don't show up?

At the end of the day, open up each persons booking in "Birthday Club" that has not shown up that day and mark as a no-show. (See photo)

why do I have to mark them as a no-show?

Good question! Bookeo sends people an automatic email thanking them for visiting after every booking. So, if a parent signs their child up for the Birthday club and then doesn't make it in on their birthday, that parent will get a (kinda confusing) email thanking them for coming in when they didn't. 

Ugh.. but there is so much to remember already. 

Do it when you run the payment report at the end of the night! You're already on Bookeo! 

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Amanda Steines