Drone Obstacle Course!

Need to Know

  • The course is only open on select weekends.
  • Only 2 drones upstairs at a time.
  • Each drone has about  4 minutes of flying time.
  • Included in admission!

Get customers ready to FLY!

Have the customer sign up on the Drone Sign Up sheet in the customer service binder. Then set the drone up for them to fly. Once the flyer brings the drone and iPad back, cross out their name and call out the next flyer on the PA system. 

1. Put a charged battery pack into the battery compartment on the drone. 

2. Plug the battery pack into the white port on the drone. The drone will light up when it is on.

3. Turn the controller on. Push the left joystick up you should hear a beep then pull it back down and it should beep again. You paired the drone and controller! 

4. Let the customer know that the left joystick is to move the drone up and down and the left joystick is to move it forward, backward, left and right.


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Kelsie VonHollen