Drone Obstacle Course!

Need to Know

  • The course is only open on the weekends.
  • Only 2 drones upstairs at a time.
  • Each drone has about  4 minutes of flying time.
  • The Drove Obstacle Course will close after April 1st.
  • Included in admission!

Get customers ready to FLY!

Have the customer sign up on the Drone Sign Up sheet in the customer service binder. Then set the drone up for them to fly using one of the three ways to fly. Once the flyer brings the drone and iPad back, cross out their name and call out the next flyer on the PA system. 

3 Ways to FLY

Controls on iPad (Most difficult)

1. Pair the iPad with the drone. 

  • Turn on the drone. Slide the ON switch located on the bottom of the drone next to the wifi antenna. (It’s super tiny!) The drone will light up once on.
  • On the iPad go to settings then wifi.
  • Connect to JX WiFi-xxxxxx
  • Open the Drone WiFi app and check the connection by moving the drone. The image should show what the camera sees on the drone.

2. Quickly review the drone guide.

  1. Left joystick moves the drone up and down and rotates right and left. Right joystick is for moving all 4 directions.
  2. The bottom left up arrow is to  take off! The bottom right down arrow is for landing. 
  3. The STOP button turns off the propellers. This is useful when you drone has crashed, or for when it's flown out of sight. 

iPad Motion Control (Slightly Easier)

1. Pair the iPad with the drone like in #1 above.

2. Turn on iPad Motion Control (button image is on the right) for the customer to control the drone by moving the iPad. Use the left joystick control to go up and down. 

Controller (Easiest: Ages 9 and under)

1. Pair the drone to the controller.

  • Turn drone and controller on. 
  • Push the Left Joystick all the way up and then pull back.
  • The indicator light on the controller becomes steady when paired. 

2. Review joystick controls. Left Joystick is for up and down. Right Joystick is to move in all 4 directions. The top right button is for take-off! 


Let the customer know....

  • Bring the drone and iPad back downstairs when they are finished.
  • The front of the drone is marked by black landing gear on the bottom.
  • There is a control guide upstairs.
  • Do not move the course components around, but guest may walk around the course with the drone.
  • Do not fly beyond the no fly zone. Guest may only go back there to get their drone if it goes accidentally flies pass that point.
App Icon

App Icon

Control Guide

Control Guide

iPad Motion Control Button

iPad Motion Control Button

Kelsie VonHollen