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Our school programs offer hands-on experiences that foster creative thinking and innovation among your students. Everyone agrees these skills are basic requirements for success in the 21st century, yet there is little effort put into helping educators actually teach these skills to their students. That's where we come in - our programs, both at our facility or on-site at your school, are specifically designed (using leading research and best practices) to help your students discover, strengthen, and apply creative thinking and innovation skills.


Non-profit schools and child development centers qualify for FREE field trips that allow students to explore our Adventure Lab activities! Field trips are a great way to supplement classroom curriculum and foster creative thinking and innovation among students. Watch the video below to see what's included and what's extra.


  • Bring up to 70 students at one time

  • We recommend a 1/10 adult to student ratio

  • Available Tuesdays & Fridays, from 9-11, 9:30-11:30, or 10-12; Labor day through Memorial day

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we have more than 70 students?

We ask that you bring fewer than 70 students at a time. If you have more than 70 students you want to bring, you are welcome to schedule multiple trips.

Do you lead activities for the students?

No. All of our Adventure Lab activities are designed to be intuitive, open ended, and scale in complexity by user, so no instruction is required. We recommend that you allow students to gravitate to the activities that most interest them and stay for as long or as little as they like at each. We discourage “rotations” that force every student to try every activity for a set amount of time.

What grades are field trips geared toward?

We design our activities to be engaging for a wide range of students. Most of the field trips we host are for pre-K through 8th grade. We do have select activities that we can make available for high schools, although some of those may involve an extra charge.

Can we eat lunch during the field trip?

At this time we do not have facilities that can accommodate students for lunch. We do have a park across from our facility and during nice weather that’s a great place to eat.

How many adult chaperones should we bring?

We recommend a ratio of 1 adult for every 10 students, to create a fun environment in which adults can help encourage creativity, problem solving and persistence.

Can students purchase adventure upgrades during the field trip?

While we waive the admission for field trips, adventure upgrades do cost extra. Adventure upgrades include pottery painting ($8-$30/item), 2 story rock climbing ($3/climb) and custom buttons ($2/button).

What if we can't come on the available days/times?

Due to funding constraints, we can only offer free school field trips on limited days & times. If these don't work for you, we suggest you explore scheduling a group visit instead. Group visits offer more flexibility but do require you to pay a general admission fee for each student.



Use these great resources to plan your trip and extend student learning!


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