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STEP 2. Invite supporters

Lots of ways to do this! Use the sample letter below to create a take-home flyer for students. While you're at it, use it to create an email to send directly to parents, so they can click on the link and support your class' efforts. IMPORTANT: You'll need the shareable link from your fundraising page to insert into your letters! Of course, you can also use the social sharing options on your fundraising page to engage people too!

Dear Parents,

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, this year, our class received a FREE field trip to visit Creative Adventure Lab! Creative Adventure Lab is a nonprofit organization that fosters creativity and innovation within our community. Students had a blast exploring the hands-on, minds-on learning activities at Creative Adventure Lab, including a LEGO® Lab, Climbing Lab, Light Lab, Construction Lab, and Magnetism Lab.


As a way of saying thanks for the awesome field trip, we're participating in Creative Adventure Lab's "Pay it Forward" fundraising program, which helps the organization continue to offer FREE field trips to area elementary schools.

Every year the school field trip "Pay it Forward" fundraising program helps Creative Adventure Lab engage dozens of classes, just like ours, in their engaging learning experiences. For some kids, free field trips are the only way they get to experience what Creative Adventure Lab has to offer.


We've set a goal of raising at least $3 per student in our class. We sincerely hope you'll help us meet our goal! We're excited to help students explore the concept of paying it forward when good things happen, as a way to encourage more kindness and a stronger sense of community.


It’s easy to help - just visit our fundraising page to make a donation. Your support helps us achieve our goal.

Please visit [YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE] to support our class!

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