The future depends on creativity and innovation.

Creativity and innovation lead to positive growth and improve quality of life. Put simply, creativity and innovation move us forward and are a core component of the human experience.

We define creativity as the ability to generate new ideas, while innovation is the ability to implement those ideas to create value.

There’s no doubt - creativity and innovation are powerful tools. We teach people how to use them.

OUR Mission & Vision

Creative Adventure Lab fosters creativity and innovation to generate value in our community. We envision a thriving, successful community in which all people have the tools to launch new ideas and realize new opportunities.


To support creativity and innovation in our community, we've spent the last 10 years helping youth and families through our Discovery Lab, educators and schools through our Mobile Lab, artists and aspiring artists in our Art Lab, and entrepreneurs and businesses in our Innovation Lab. As if that’s not enough, we’re also a founding tenant in the Dubuque Idea Campus, our community’s very own innovation campus.

Right now there is a new innovation movement forming. Progressive communities around the country are building innovation campuses - facilities that co-locate a range of programs and services that focus on using creativity and innovation to generate value. In the process, these communities are branding themselves as innovation hubs and attracting even more talented people and businesses. 

This new model for community innovation doesn’t just focus on a single audience. It fosters innovation across the entire spectrum - youth, adults, schools, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and businesses. An innovation campus amplifies impact by cultivating meaningful connections between innovators and embracing the intersections between education, entrepreneurship, and social/economic development.

Successful communities understand that innovation efforts need to be comprehensive and they recognize the campus model is an effective approach.  Innovation campuses produce better results because they offer a diversity of services, foster innovation between sectors, and create more inclusive innovation networks. They unite a range of efforts around innovation and, when done well, produce extraordinary results.

No matter who you are, or what ideas you’re launching, we’re here to help.