What is it?

The LEGO® Challenge Lab is a station-based program that actively engages kids of all ages in creative thinking exercises and helps them foster an innovation mindset. It travels directly to you, making it perfect for schools, community centers, and special events.

The customizable array of hands-on stations allow kids to explore and solve challenges using fundamental concepts from science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Stations offer opportunities for self-directed learning as well as individual and team-based problem solving.

Challenge Station Options

You can select one, several, or all of these stations to be included in your lab experience.

Gravity Challenge
Tower Challenge
Bridge Challenge
Zipline Challenge
Speedway Challenge
Collaborative City Challenge
Exploration Free Build


$100/hour for the first 2 hours
$50/hour for each additional hour (up to 3 additional hours)
The maximum lab rental is 5 hours

What We Provide

• Trained staff to facilitate challenge stations, prep adult helpers, and engage students.
• All necessary materials for each challenge station.

What You Will Need to Provide

• Payment for services prior to the event.
• 1 medium/large table for each station (lunchroom tables are fine).
• An indoor facility to host the stations (cafeteria, gymnasium, large room, etc)
• Adult helpers (staff/volunteers) to supervise behavior and help facilitate challenge stations, 1 adult per station is ideal.
• Access to the event area at least 45 minutes before and after the event to set up and break down challenge stations.

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