What we do

Creative Adventure Lab is a game-changing nonprofit organization that fosters creativity and innovation to create value in our community. We were founded in 2008 right here in Dubuque, IA and we continue to work hard every day to make our community better.

Why we do it

Because creativity and innovation are some of the best tools available to improve quality of life and move the world forward. And it’s fun. Just look at these pictures of satisfied visitors if you don’t believe us…

How we do it

We operate four core program areas that foster creativity and innovation among different audiences, in different ways.

Discovery Lab

Hands-on play experiences that help youth and families become more creative and innovative.

More here: discoverylabdbq.org

Innovation Lab

Helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations generate & launch new ideas. 

More here: innovationlabdbq.org

Art Lab

Hands-on art classes, offered by knowledgeable instructors in a welcoming environment.

More here: artlabdbq.org

Mobile Lab

Bringing signature learning experiences to schools, camps, and community events.

More here: mobilelabdbq.org

How you can help

We’re (almost) always looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, and fun people to join our team. Check out the available positions below, then apply online.


PROGRAM DIRECTOR - Discovery Lab focus

Position Classification
Full-Time; 40 hours per week
Member of the leadership team
Opportunities for advancement

Compensation Package
$27K-$30K/year starting salary based on experience
+ 2 weeks paid time off
+ annual performance incentives
+ health, retirement, vision & dental benefits

Typical Shift Schedule
Primarily 4 weekday shifts 9-5 and 1 Saturday shift 9-4

Position Description
Creative Adventure Lab Program Directors manage key program areas. This position will focus on operations and growth for our popular Discovery Lab program, which provides hands-on creative play experiences, primarily to youth and families. The Discovery Lab engages more than 24,000 visitors each year and consists of open-ended activities that strengthen creativity and innovation. It includes LEGO® activities, magnetism activities, giant foam block and wood plank construction activities, a 2-story climbing wall, a toddler area, and more. This is an active, high energy job and requires a mix of standing, sitting, lifting, reaching, bending, and a variety of other movements throughout each shift. While the specific roles & responsibilities evolve over time as the organization continues to grow, some of the key ways this position accomplishes that goal is by:

  • designing/delivering exceptional customer service strategies

  • designing/delivering relevant training to support and empower program staff

  • coordinating program operations in order to create a welcoming, comfortable, and engaging environment

  • actively gathering participant feedback through a variety of in-person and digital channels

  • promoting visitor experiences through print & digital outlets (social media, email newsletters, etc)

  • developing/delivering strategies to promote incremental sales increases and cross-promote other programs

What does a typical day look like?

The Discovery Lab Program Director’s typical workday consists of both self-directed projects and scheduled guest service shifts, with no two days being identical. For example, a program director may spend 2 hours designing a new staff training session, 4 hours delivering visitor experiences at the guest services desk, 1 hour writing personalized thank-you cards to recent program participants, and 30 minutes observing/training program staff. The next day you may spend 2 hours working on a special facility improvement project, 2 hours completing back-of-house tasks like pottery processing, 30 minutes promoting programs on social media, and 3 hours helping visitors paint pottery and rock-climb. Most days will include both scheduled guest service shifts and other self-determined projects to support amazing guest experiences in the Discovery Lab program.

What skills will the ideal candidate possess?

A Program Director MUST be a people person, outgoing and comfortable engaging in conversations with both familiar faces and complete strangers. The Program Director needs to build strong relationships with colleagues, treat people with respect, and excel at making others feel valued and important. Other qualities a Program Director should possess include:

  • An ability to keep things neat and tidy

  • An innate drive to produce exceptional results

  • Fine attention to detail and supreme organization skills

  • A “lead by example” philosophy

  • Capacity to work independently and reach goals

  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities

What previous experiences would be useful for this position?

There are no absolute experience requirements for this position, although experience in any of the following areas would likely give you an edge:

  • Retail Sales, especially in a management capacity

  • Hospitality

  • Education or professional development training

  • Human Resources

  • Customer Service