When you need quality ideas

We bring a proven set of processes to engage your team, produce new ideas, and win the day.

A growing number of forward-thinking companies are utilizing Creative Adventure Lab innovation services to generate and launch new ideas. Why? Because we produce high quality, actionable results that add value. Every. Single. Time.

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Create ideas to move a core priority forward and help your team learn effective ideation techniques. Over the course of 3-4 hours, we lead your team (12 or more) through a series of rapid ideation sessions around topics you choose.



Create ideas and develop implementation strategies while practicing key innovation traits. Over the course of one day, we lead your team (18 or more) in a friendly, competitive innovation experience that results in actionable solutions to topics you choose.


Innovation Circuit

Engage your company in a strategic process that leverages employee innovation. 1) Create actionable strategies to push a core priority forward quickly 2) Overcome implementation barriers and stalls Over 3-7 months, this connected series of innovation processes will help your team create new possibilities and initiates a culture of innovation within your company.


Case Studies