We support our fellow nonprofits because we love this community.

As a nonprofit organization, we understand how fundraising and community support is critical to community organizations trying to make the world better. To support your efforts, Creative Adventure Lab is happy to donate 5 admission tickets to help you raise money and further your community-building mission.

Since we are a nonprofit organization, IRS regulations only allow us to make donations to other nonprofit organizations with a mission similar to ours - creativity, innovation, and STEM focused education. In addition, to best serve our local community, we only make donations to organizations headquartered within 30 miles of Dubuque. We have a limited number of admission tickets we donate each year and cannot guarantee every request will be fulfilled.

To request admission tickets, please complete the form below. On average it takes about 2 weeks for us to review and process your request, from the time you submit this form until you receive the passes by mail.

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