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We're working to launch the project ideas below and you can help make it happen! As a nonprofit organization, we rely on community support. You can help us build a community full of creative thinkers and innovators by donating to one of the project ideas below. 

Current Project ideas

Light Pegs


Our giant 8' tall by 20' wide light-up wall is a big hit among visitors. Help us purchase additional pegs so people can get even more creative in their designs. Each peg costs us $4 to purchase and machine.

Goal: 200 pegs
Progress:  59 pegs funded
Funder Perk: You'll be listed on the project supporter sign

Fund Light Pegs

Fused Glass Classes & Workshops

Fused glass involves layering different colors of glass into a design and then fusing those layers together in a kiln. Fused glass can be used to make jewelry, dishware, ornaments, sculptural pieces, and much more! We already have the biggest and most expensive pieces of equipment required to offer these classes, now we just need some help getting the miscellaneous supplies and tools. 

Goal: $850
Progress: $95 raised
Funder Perk: Get listed on the project supporter sign, plus opportunities for discounted experiences!

Fund Fused Glass

Creative Equity Fund

Creative Adventure Lab - Creative Equity Fund

We think every child should be able to realize their creative potential. Donations to our Creative Equity Fund allow us to give kids the opportunity to discover and grow their creativity. Through the Creative Equity Fund, we offer free field trips to area schools, take our Kendall Hunt Mobile Play Lab to city parks throughout the summer, and provide scholarships to economically disadvantaged youth.

Goal: $8,000 to fund next year's programs
Progress: $5,440 raised
Funder Perk: Get listed on our project supporter sign

Fund Creative Equity

Drone Obstacle Course


In 2018 we plan to offer a Drone Obstacle Course as a pop-up lab that visitors will be able to access as part of general admission, in addition to our regular adventure lab activities.

The drone obstacle course will feature micro-drones, complete with first-person piloting (which means you can look at the control screen and feel like you're riding on the drone). Test your piloting skills as you fly the drone through hoops, tunnels, and around various obstacles. Practice your precision on our bulls-eye landing pads.

Goal: $1,000
Progress: $50
Funder Perk: Make a donation of $25 or more and you'll have a chance to try the course before it's public.

Fund Drone Obstacle Course

Virtual Reality Lab

We're developing virtual reality experiences that allow visitors to immerse themselves in virtual design and problem solving experiences. Check out the videos below to preview some of the experiences that will be available as part of our virtual reality lab. In addition to exploring virtual reality at Creative Adventure Lab, you'll be able to rent our virtual reality stations for your own parties, school events, corporate events, and more.


Goal: $12,000
Progress: $$9,200
Funder Perk: Make a donation of $50 or more and you'll have a chance to try the labs before they're public.

Fund Virtual Reality Labs

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