Hodge Makes Space for New Ideas


HODGE, a Dubuque-based company that has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, wanted to find new ways to drive a culture of innovation within their company and reinforce their brand as an innovative company.


We worked with HODGE to develop a comprehensive set of solutions to not only strengthen the culture of innovation within their company but also reinforce their brand (both internally and externally) as a forward-thinking integrated logistics and material handling company. After a series of exploratory conversations, we determined the development of an off-site innovation space within Creative Adventure Lab was a key part of this strategy. This space would not only serve as a much-needed meeting space for HODGE teams to get off-site and dive deeply into key topics, it would also communicate to the thousands of people who visit Creative Adventure Lab each year that HODGE is committed to corporate and community innovation.


In the course of 1 year, HODGE teams used their off-site innovation space more than 100 hours and reported the combination of inspiring environment and the fact that it was removed from the day-to-day interruptions allowed high-value ideas to develop within the room.

“Meeting in the HODGE Innovation Space free’s up our thinking. We have better interactions, better engagement and more great ideas” Zach Hodge Executive Vice President / Material Handling & Logistics