Team Innovation with John Deere


Abby, a team manager at John Deere, was looking for a way to create a meaningful off-site experience for her team. She’d found several traditional team-building options in the area but wanted to go beyond experiences that didn’t really connect to her team’s overall work. She also wanted to combine the team experience with an off-site meeting to launch several new initiatives and couldn’t find a site that offered fun team experiences and a place to meet.


Creative Adventure Lab arranged a Team Innovation Challenge session for Abby’s team, followed by time for her team to meet in one of our inspiring innovation spaces. Not only did the team get a fun combination of challenges to help the group innovate together, Abby immediately leveraged the positive experience to energize her team around new initiatives during the following meeting.


Abby was always frustrated by having to choose between fun team experiences or getting actual work done. Thanks to Creative Adventure Lab’s unique combination of Team Innovation Challenges and off-site Innovation Spaces, Abby found a solution to deliver both in one easy experience.

“The team’s engagement and energy throughout the day exceeded all our expectations, mixing in Innovation Challenges made an incredible difference!”