Alliant Teams know Innovation is Fun


the right space & innovation sessions bring alliant energy teams together to create better marketing strategies

Teams engage in friendly competition in the Tower Building Challenge

Teams engage in friendly competition in the Tower Building Challenge



Using technology to meet is convenient, but not always as engaging when compared to in-person meetings. That’s why Alliant Energy marketing teams based in Madison, WI and Cedar Rapids, IA were looking for a convenient, centrally-located meeting space that could host their meetings and, just maybe, infuse their time together with fun and a little innovation.


We worked with Alliant’s marketing team to host their Off-Site Meetings at Creative Adventure Lab, in our award-winning Innovation Lab. To energize their meetings and help their employees learn key innovation skills, we also engaged team members in a fun, hands-on Team Innovation Challenge session during their first gathering.

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They had so much fun they came back for more, this time participating in an IDEAdash innovation session to create new ideas around a specific marketing challenge they were working on. In just a few hours, not only did they engage in some friendly competition and strengthen key innovation skills, they also had a set of high-potential solutions to implement.


Better ideas for marketing Alliant Energy services, of course. Plus, the stronger relationships among team members (especially between Alliant’s two corporate offices) make ongoing virtual meetings better because participants know each other and have worked closely together in person.